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In order for the installation of your Act! CRM system works smoothly, note please following points.

Meeting these requirements is a prerequisite for installation works without any problems and your CRM system then runs smoothly.

 If the points below cannot be fulfilled, we offer (also temporarily) the hosting by CRMADDON.

System requirements

  • 1 server for Act! CRM with Windows 2016 or higher. On the server should no other services are operated
  • 3 partitions (for example C/D/E) each with 60 to 100 GB free disk space
  • The processor must have at least 4 cores
  • At least 10GB of RAM
  • Current Windows updates must be installed, no SQL
  • Hard drive should be before the Act! installation must be defragmented
  • Antivirus should be turned off during installation
  • Web API: 1 machine with at least Windows 10, preferably Windows Server 2016 or higher, one disk (60 to 100 GB, 4 cores), via port 443 from the outside accessible via http and https (SSL certificate) – “act.(your domain name)”, should have a fixed IP
  • A guaranteed ping runtime of < 4 ms between Act! server and web (web.api)
  • When installing the Act! Marketing Automation: 2nd machine required, this one should be managed  by CRMADDON
  • If CRMADDON is to wait continuously: Access via Open VPN (GDPR-compliant), in exceptional cases Teamviewer, AnyDesk or PC Visit
  • The local Act! admin user should have local admin rights for the above machines to have
  • An admin user in the company domain (in which both of the above machines are) must Have admin rights for both machines
  • The machines mentioned above should have the same users as local users (same username, password)


Questions about the setup are answered by our experts in coaching (subject to a fee), bookable under:

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You can easily arrange an installation appointment via the following link:

Appointment for Act! installation


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