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 Act! is based on MS-SQL. Because the performance of your database is very important you need to take care of the content of your database as well as the integrity and the index files. These can slow down your database and can make your Act! experience worse. In big companies you can see a Database-Administrator taking care of the maintenance but in a few user environment it does not make sense to hire an own administrator for your database.

If you dont want your performance to break in we will show you how to maintain your database by yourself.

 In Act! you can cleanup the database in three different ways. so as this is so present, you should really consider to do this at latest once a week.

1. Via the Act! Menu

You can find the first option for a database maintenance in the Act! menu. Please follow the steps below to start the check & repair process in Act!.

a) Navigate to the menu bar in the top op the program
b) Click on „tools“
c) Now click on „Database maintenance“ 
d) Choose the „check&repair“ option

You can now start the process with an integrity check and you can also start a new indexing in your database.

2. Via the Act! Scheduler

You can also start a new automatic database maintenance with the Act! scheduler. Just search for the Act! scheduler and create a new task. You can configure your task for database maintenance and configure how often the task should run.
As written above we recommend to run the task once a week. 


3. ACTDiag

Make sure you are using the latest ACTDiag  that works for your ACT! version.

There you can find several options, before using them you should make sure to have a valid Backup of your ACT that is not too old.
download the manual for the program, and check out  and follow the bookmarks as described below

  1. Peforming Database Maintenance and other Operational Tasks
  2. Rebuilding Database

 You should also make sure that you run the Reorg on the server that is hosting your database and not on you own client, you are working on with Act!.

If you need any help regarding the maintenance of your database,feel free to submit a ticket or call us on one of the following numbers:

UK: +44 203 86825-78 | Australia: +61 879 0571-13 | USA: +1 208 56192-34| Canada: +1 888 99228-89