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Thank you for deciding to buy our product!

OUTREACH|IT by CRMADDON Factory GmbH is an application full of features for your Act! program. Practise e-marketing on the highest level through aimed e-mail campaigns and send automatized serial letters and faxes.


We are happy to help you if you have any questions!

In this manual we would like to show you how to install, set up and use OUTREACH|IT correctly.

It is divided into chapters according to the topic.

You can either read the entire manual or you choose a specific topic that you are interested in.





Download and Installation. We show you how to set up the software.

Getting Started. Make your first steps with OUTREACH|IT.


Options. Set up your e-mail and fax accounts and upload any number of attachments.


Reports. Create letter, e-mail and fax templates.


Schemas. Create schemas for e-mail, letter and fax dispatch.


Bounced Schemas. You can create schemas for bounced e-mails.


Jobs. Set up when and how often your schemas will be executed.  


Status. Here you can keep track of jobs that were executed.


Support and Helpful links. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.