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For troubleshooting, our technicians often ask to be provided with Act! Log files. Where do you find these? 

Exporting Act! log files

What do these logs contain and why do you need them?

In the background, Act! program logs all the performed actions.

The detailed information in the Act! Log files make errors easier to be understood.

The Log files contain no customer data, it’s saves technical information only.

Where can I find the mentioned Log-files?

Please open your Windows explorer. Usually, you’ll find the Log files on:

Drive C:\Program(x86)\ACT\ACT for windows.

Search in this forlder for the LogViewer (logviewer.exe)

Open Act! Log Viewer dialog window by double clicking LogViewer.

In this window, you have the possibility to print the mentioned log entries or to export them in HTML format.

We recommend exporting in HTML format.

Please save this HTML file. To do this, right-click and select Save As from the context menu.

Save the file to a location of your choice.

Please send us this file through our ticket system.

Information about ticket system