Telefon DE: +49-8282-800-400 Telefon AT: +43-7322-370-202 Telefon CH: +41-41-5210-100

Such type of issue unfortunately occurs and may be related to TAPI device not showing caller ID at all. If you want to use a TAPI device with your Dial|IT, you’d need to have a special TAPI driver installed on your PC.  This can be a driver provided by a manufacturer of your Phone or modem or a third party driver. To test if the driver works correctly, please use the special testing tool Phone.exe and follow the below steps:

  • make an outbound call, and hang up via the Phone.exe after 60 seconds 
  •  make an inbound call with your mobile and see if the caller id is displayed, and pick up the phone and hang up after 60 seconds with the Phone.exe
  • if your phone is connected to a switch, call the operator with your mobile, and let the call be transferred to your desk, if you would like to see your caller-id

If the above steps were performed successfully, then you should not experience any issues with Dial|IT. However, if something went wrong, please contact your phone system support for proper assistance.

For setting Dial|IT  phone numbers settings, please refer to our User Manual <