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If you made Act! database update without upgrading your Act! version and the DIAL|IT toolbar disappeared from the Act! layout, please do the following:

  1. Close Act!
  2. Look in your Act! Database Folder for a subfolder named ‚\CRMADDON DialIT\‘
  3. Find there the file called ‚crmAddonDep.xml‘
  4. Delete this file
  5. Restart your Act!

When updating your Act! database you should uninstall the addon before updating Act!. After installing the latest version of Act!, you’d need to run the addon installer again.

In case you upgrade from older Act! version (e.g. Act! 15) to a newer version (e.g. Act 16) you’d need to order an upgrade. Our addons are always linked to the version of Act! you used when installing the addon the first time. If you purchased the addon within 2 months before the upgrade the license will accept it automatically. Otherwise you would need to order an upgrade. In this case, please submit a ticket and include your old license key there. We will send you an upgrade offer.