Telefon DE: +49-8282-800-400 Telefon AT: +43-7322-370-202 Telefon CH: +41-41-5210-100

What needs to be done on these PCS in order to make them talk to the phone system? (I assume ACT and DIAL|IT needs to configured in order for the system to work)

Just one thing, the setup will work with any phone i.e. Linksys, Grandstream Only in this case, you can not work with a headset, you have to lift up the receiver. To use a Headset, you have to use one of the phones from the dropdown, only 2 phones are hardware phones, the snom (I recommend the 320 and higher) or the Aastra Phones. (I must admit that I do not know what ups and downs are on the Aastra phone, as I never used one), we ourself are using the Snom 320 and 370 phones, and they work like expected (picking up the phone call with a mouse click, hanging up, dialling out without touching the phone and so on.

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)

Testtool: PhoneExe (x86)