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Can i import a *.VCF (VCardFile) to my Act! Database?

There are several ways to add a .vcf to your Act! Database.
The first and easiest one is right click on your vcf and click on „open it with“ then choose your actsage.exe
Normally it is located to c:\program files\act\act for windows\ActSage.exe
Act! is now able to create a contact for this specific VCard.


If you have more than a handful of VCards we strongly recommend using our much faster method.

Import your whole VCards to Outlook, Windows Live, or Thunderbird.
This can be easily done by the „Importing“ options and then selecting *.vcf and then choosing all your *.VCF. 
After this proceed with an export to a .csv File. Every solution listed above does offer such a function.
After successfully exporting all your contacts to a .csv File, you can import every single information of every contact directly into Act! via our Import. 

For further information please visit our user guide manual for import:



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