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User Case:


you import Data from another System (ERP, sap or anything else) to act! with our Import|IT.

there may be a special case, that you got an e-mail address from a contact in act! and you do not want this to be overwritten, if your e-mail adress fits „more“ and is higher priority.

An example for this case may be:

You have a specific user e-mail address in act!, e.g.
The e-mail address is changed in the system you have to at
In this special case you want to keep the more specific e-mail in act! for sure and you do not want to change it to or or anything „general“.

The prioritization feature was requested from one of our customers.
As we discussed this, it is a nice feature but we can solve this in an easy way where we dont need to add a new prioritazing function.

Just complete the following steps and you can make sure your e-mail addresses will not change from a specific one to a general one.


  • Copy your existing import schema.
  • Now you have the same scheme twice.
    • Go to „Conditions“.
      • on the first Scheme set the mapping e-mail to „Update empty only“ and also set the conditions to: 
        • IF „source field value e-mail“ NOT EMPTY and
        • IF „source field value e-mail“ Doesnt start with info and
        • IF „source field value e-mail“ Doesnt start with sales
        • SKIP OK
      • on the second Scheme set the mapping e-mail NOT to „Update empty only“ and also set the conditions to: 
        • IF „source field value e-mail“ EMPTY and
        • IF „source field value e-mail“  start with info and
        • IF „source field value e-mail“  start with sales
        • SKIP OK

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