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Things you need to make Dial|IT run with Ringcentral

  • A physical Snom Phone (e.g. Snom 320, Snom 370)
  • A Ringcentral account
  • A Snom Tapi Driver
  • Our Dial|IT

When you want to use Dial|it with you should consider to purchase a Snom Phone. We can Provide you a Tapi driver for the Snom Phone for less then $15 per phone, (discount may apply depending on the amount of licences purchased).

you can find the recomended setup for the phone in this document provided by Ringcentral

you then need to download & configure this software, it will provide the tapi interface for the Phone

then you should use Phone.exe to test the functions as described in the document.

when this is done, you want to download & install Dial|it as described 

in any case we also offer a install Service, where we remote in, setup&configure the Tapi (phone must be working) and install and configure Dial|it the price (depending on the amount of installations)


amount of pc´s Price per PC
one $ 66 US
2 – 5 PC´s $ 53 US
6 and more $ 40 US


Please make sure, that you can call out from your Snom Phone and receive calls with your Snom Phone.

We start our installation service AFTER you can make phone calls and receive them.