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If you try to open a backup of your database on another pc and the following error massage shows up „To finalize the registration, the database administrator must login first“.


Maybe one of this solutions could help you.


1. Local Admin rights.

Make sure you´re logged in as a user with local admin rights. If you´re not please switch to one with local admin rights and try it again.


2. Run act! As an Administrator

Right clicking on your Act! Icon and select „Run as Administrator“


3. Disable or lower the User Account Control (UAC) (only for Windows Vista & Windows 7)

How to do this under Windows 7 you can see here.

How to do this under Windows Vista you can see here.


4. Act! License on the new pc.

Please check your Act License on the new pc you can do this by go to „Help->Register Act!…“ if there is no Key entrance please enter your Key.


5. Login one time with the original act! Running pc.

Lead the original act! Pc to the .pad from the restored backup and login one time. After this ist should work from now on.