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If the countrycode of your country is always shown in the „Call a contact“ window and all settings are correct, you might have the following problem:

Problem: Different ACT! language and system language:

This must ALWAYS be the same on each machine.

If you have different languages, then ACT! will combine the internal country list and the windows country list. That can cause in having two or more entries of the same country in ACT!. For example „Deutschland(1) and Germany(49)“.

Please ensure that it is always the same language.

   1. Solution: (not recommended)

You can open the following registry folder and translate each single country:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Telephony\Country List

   2. Solution: (recommended)

Install the correct ACT! version or operating system.

   3. Solution: (not recommended)

You have to clear each phone field of the user record on each machine which has the different language.

After clearing all phone fields, save the contact and restart ACT!.

Finally reenter the numbers and it should work now.