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 when using Dial|it, we need a working Interface. 

Dial|it supports serveral interfaces

Tapi  Broadsoft & Skype

if you want to use Tapi, your PC needs a driver from the manufacturer of the Phone or modem, or a 3 party driver. this must be installed, and configured. The best aproch is to ask the company that is in charge for the Phone, to let them make it work. when testing if it is working you can/should use Phone.exe

  • you should make a outbound call, and hangup via the Phone.exe after 60 seconds 
  • you should make a inbound call with your mobile and see if the caller id is displayed, and pickup the phone and hangup after 60 Seconds with the Phone.exe
  • if your phone is connected to a switch, call the Operator with your mobile, and let the call be transfered to your desk, if you must see your caller-id


if all this 3 points  above work, then dial|it will also be able to do what you need, if not, pls contact your support for the phone.system