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In this article we will explain you how the Synchronization of the Handheld contacts works and why sometimes the synchronized data doesn’t appear in your mobile device directly after the Synchronization is done.

The whole process of the synchronization is explained in the following photo:


The entire structure is made out of three components:

1- Act! Server with HandheldContact application

2- Mailbox server

3- Mobile device 

The Act! Server will send the data from your data bank to the mailbox server, which will keep it stored till your mobile device collect it again.

The „Mailbox“ server’s name plays here an important role that it’s been handled by a real type of mailbox.

The data will be transferred to the Mobile device only when the Mailbox server receives a request from the mobile device, since the Mailbox server will never send a request to the mobile device itself.

In the Handheld contact application, you can set up how often you would like the data to be synchronized but this can be affected by a specific points.

One of these points is what’s called the Deep sleep mode of your smart phone. 

This function allows the device to save power. The processor will be down to the minimum clocking and would be possible to bring it active again only by something calls „Push notifications“. This means the longer your smart phone isn’t in use, the longer the Handheld contact isn’t synchronized also, because your mobile device will be active only by „Push notification“ and the server will not send the data since it must be requested by the mobile device. 

Another reason for data synchronization delay is your PC or server being on sleep mode, as far as it has been defined.Since the server can not send data to the mailbox server, the synchronization can be disabled.

If you have another device which is also assigned to the same account this may be a reason why some data doesnt appear on your handheld.
One of the devices may took the data from the mailbox server and there are no data left for the other one because the data is only saved as long as it tooks the mobile device to take it. 

If you suspect that your synchronization is not working properly, you can check this by Logging in with your Handheld Contact account in the browser. Under „Account overview“ you will find an overview of your account. Furthermore, you can find here a short overview of the actual Sync status.

Here you can see the Sync status of your mobile device (yellow pointer) and Act! Servers (green pointer).

Here you can view the information about the last synchronization or the data to be synchronized. You can also see the status of your licence and if your account is active or not (red pointer).