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Skype released the official news, that they are planning to stop the Desktop-API for Skype at the end of 2013.

– Update – 

the support of the skype API is now extended till end of 2014



One of the first Article, about this News can be viewed here: News about Skype API

On their official website skype released the following information:
Official Skype API description

The reason why Skype will stop the desktop-API is also a FAQ entry at their page and you can have a look at it here.
Also Skype released the information, that they will offer a special kind of Desktop Application Programming Interfaces, called URI.
But right now there are not as much features available as the desktop-API is offering us.

Our customers using Dial|IT with Skype can use the business version, offered below:
Official Skype Download

This offers you the possability to continue using Skype without any problems

Right now we are already working on a solution and rework our dial it from the bottom that we can provide a version as soon as possible that is working with the Skype-URI also.


Another good way to make sure your actual configuration of Skype wont be disturbed by any auto-updates is to follow these steps to stop the auto update function from skype. Follow these instructions here.