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If you have already worked with Handheld Contact some time, then you have already changed some of the Handheld Contact settings. 
If you want to move Handheld Contact to a new server or simply just back up your data, This is available by default in Handheld Contact.

If you have multiple accounts, it might be quite hard to re-enter all settings from all registered accounts in Handheld Contact, especially since you can hardly know these settings when you have not noted them.

Handheld Contact provides the possibility, to secure the settings of these accounts. In this case, all data like Handheld Contact account information, Information about the sync of the activities and the user, the data bank, as well as the settings of the data bank.
The number of synchronized contacts is also accepted.

In case that you moving your handheld contact to another server or computer, you can save the settings as follows:

1. Please start Handheld Contact 

2. Click „File“ up to the left and click „Save as…“

3. Choose a suitable name for the saved data and the saving location.

4. Click „Save“ now again to save the setting and you can download from HHC after the initial setup is done.

5. The download of the setting functions quit similar to saving. Please click „File“ and choose „Load settings…“ this time.

6. Select the backup file and click „Open“

7. Your data are now restored and you can work with HHC as usual.