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With Service|IT you can automate all kind of things you want not to start manually all the time. You are able to automatize the following tasks:

  • Automate data import tasks
  • Automate data export tasks
  • Chronological control
  • Database maintenance
  • Better performance
  • Backup creation
  • E-mail task alert
These features can save a lot of time and the service of the product will run in the background even when no user is logged in to the computer or server.
You are also able to run tasks for your database maintenance like backups or history adjustments.

But what if you can create any kind of Task in our Addon Service|IT and you can not use the „Run“ button.

This Problem may occur if your Task is not active. 
Please make sure the Task is active. It is only possible to start an active Task with the „Run“ Button automatically.
If the Task is not active, double click it and activate it. After that the „Run“ Button will work.


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