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Act! quick installation with automatic acceptance of the serial number  

The current German version of Act! allows a „silent installation“ with few Individual adjustments.

 Please proceed as follows:

1. Please select a Network-folder, to which all clients have access.

2. Copy the installation directory’s content of Act! to this folder. 

3. Start the silent installer.exe

3.1 Now enter the folder in the following format: [IP/Servername\Ordner] e.g. „\Installer“ and then choose Europe as country.

3.2 Provide all the required information, such as your serial number and a message that appears when there are problems with the installation.

4. Open the subfolder „ACTWG“ in your chosen directory.

5. Here you’ll find the folder „SI“. Please open it and check the „SilentInt.ini“ (configuration file).

5.1 Would you like to make the installation without SQL, then please change the value of „Custom Install“ from „False“ to „True“.

6. Go back now to the folder „ACTWG“ and click the „setup“ file to start your installation. You only have to select once that you want to install without local SQL.