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Depending on your version of DIAL|IT, DIAL|IT requires a TAPI driver.

Why do I need a TAPI driver?

TAPI is a programming interface for phone devices. To be able to take advantage of a TAPI compliant phone a TAPI driver is required.

Typically, you obtain a TAPI driver from the manufacturer of your phone device. The driver will be installed on your PC. It enables TAPI compliant software to access functions of your phone device.

Test your TAPI driver installation and function with this little program.

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)


After you downloaded Phone.exe click on „Start Session“ and enter a phone number in the scheduled field. Then click on „Make Call“. Also test an incoming call – is the number of the caller shown correctly?

If you can make/receive this call your telephone system is TAPI compliant.

Occasionally, certain phone device functions bypass the TAPI driver and use their own ways of communication instead. The result is that software made by the phone device manufacturer dials and displays the caller’s phone number, yet DIAL|IT cannot find the TAPI driver and hence does not communicate with your phone device.

If you notice such symptoms there are two options available to you. Option one is to contact your phone device’s vendor and request a current/working driver. If your version of DialIT is capable of handling Skype, you may want to go pursue this line.