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Why do you need to prepare your Computer for an Update ? 

If you want us to install your Act! Update we want to avoid any problems with your system. These problems are annoying and are time intensive. To make sure everything works well during the update we created a check-list with all things you need to prepare before starting the update or start the session for an update with us. 

If you you want to inform yourself before buying the newest version or if you want see if your hard and software is compatible with this version we are offering a consulting. 

This service is chargeable.

Feel free to call us on one of our english numbers or write a mail to

UK: +44 203 86825-78 | Australia: +61 879 0571-13 | USA: +1 208 56192-34| Canada: +1 888 99228-89

Please answer all of question in this check-list as good as possible. 

Questions regarding the installation process:

Which Act! version number you are currently working on ? Is this a new installation ? 

You can find the version number in „Help“ -> „About Act!“

Act version en

On which version of Act! you are working ? (Act! for Web, Premium, Pro)

You can find this information in the „About Act!“ window too.

How many users are working with Act! ? 

Do you need a remote databases ? 

Information to your system: 

All computers that should receive a remote database should be available during the installation process. The following questions refer to a computer with a local installation. 

Do you use addons ? 
If yes: Have you already bought an update for the addon? 

For buying an update for the addon you can contact our sales team by mail: 
You can also call one of our english numbers: 

UK: +44 203 86825-78 | Australia: +61 879 0571-13 | USA: +1 208 56192-34| Canada: +1 888 99228-89

Which windows version are you currently using ? 

Which Office Version are you running ? 

Is your windows up to date ? 

If not, please update with the latest updates available.

Is SQL installed on your system? Which version is installed ? 

Which .NET version is running on your system ? 

How much space is left on your system drive ? 

Note: If your internet connection is slow, it will speed up the installation process a lot by downloading the installation file before starting the remote session with us. 


Please make sure you created a backup before starting the update process.

Have you already created a backup ? 

You can create a backup on „File“ -> „Create a backup“ .

Important links:

AnyDesk (Tool for support sessions)

Act! 20.1 Pro EN

Act! 20.1 Premium EN

Act! 20.1 For Web EN