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Error displayed:

Powerpoint found a problem with content in xxxx.ppt PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation. If you trust the source of this presentation, click repair. There was an error accessing the file xxxxx.ppt

This error occurs, when you try to open a powerpoint document saved at a non local storage, e.g. a NAS or you tried to open it on a network drive.

The error itself is pretty much missleading. There is no problem with the file. Usually it has no errors or is broken, still Powerpoint (2010 and higher) does have a feature, which blocks all „non local“ files. This setting is on „by default“ so make sure, to turn it off.

The problem is fixed in 5 easy steps, shown below:

1. Open PowerPoint 2010 -> Click on File -> Options

2. On the side tab click „Trust Center“ -> Now click on „Trust Center Settings“.

3. A new window „Trust Center“ appears.

4. Click „Protected View“ on the left side.

5. Uncheck all boxes.


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