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If you have good Internet connection using Skype for
phone calls and integration with our DIAL|IT addon is one of the best solutions. It
is convenient and intuitive in usage, cheap and can be easily integrated with
DIAL|IT without additional software and hardware. However, you should have good
Internet connection for making phone calls via Skype.

Please note:
Skype only allows 50 different calls to different numbers a day.
It is not possible to display outbound caller ID via Skype!

Good Internet connection is also required for SIP VoIP
providers. For integration with DIAL|IT Snom hardware should be used since Tapi
driver is available with this hardware. For integration with DIAL|IT Tapi
driver is required.

If you do not have a good Internet connection and use
landline phones the only possible way of integration your phone system with
DIAL|IT is using additional hardware – way2call. It works great with
(landlines) analog lines, has Tapi driver and is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and
64-bit operating systems.

If you use VoIP phone system like Vonage no third
party hardware can be used with it. A Tapi driver is not available with Vonage
and therefore integration is very complicated. You should use Vonage adapter to
convert from digital to analog and then way2call to convert it back. Only after
these steps it will be possible to integrate DIAL|IT.