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If you can´t find your „Phone Call List“ For Dial|IT the Window it is out of range.


A: Windows Vista or Win7.

  1. go with the mouse in the Windows Task-bar over the icon „phone call list“ or ACT!.
  2. there pop up now a preview of the „phone call list“. (is there now preview go to B)
  3. „click“ with the „right mouse“ button on the preview and chose „maximize“
    now you should see the „phone call list“ in full-screen.
  4. go with the mouse to the TOP of the Window and and click with the left mouse button on it and hold on.
  5. move now the mouse, by holding the left mouse button, to the middle of the screen.
  6. now should you get a small window of the „phone call list“

B: Is there now preview than follow this steps:

  1. Click on start and write in the search field „Aero“
  2. Chose „Problems with transparent and …“
  3. Follow the Wizard
  4. Make a right click on the Task Bar and chose properties
  5. Mark the field Aero Peek (if not)
  6. Go back to A and follow the steps

If your Graphic Card don´t support the Aero Peek feature, contact us and create a ticket.


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