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In order to send personalized e-mails, letters and reminders with OUTREACH|IT to Act! contacts, you need to take a few steps, which only need to be takes once or twice. Afterwards you can simply copy and paste the field to another template, or simply copy the entire template and change the content and images. The latter is recommended so that you do not need to start your template from scratch again.

First you need to look at your salutation field in Act!. This field is contained in the standard Act! contact detail view layout. 

In general there is only one salutation for contacts – Dear – and typically either ends in Mr [Name] or Ms [Name] for business contacts. Optionally Dear Sir/ Madam is possible. In order for the correct sex to be contained in the salutation in the template, the beginning of the salutation (Dear …,) need to be in the template. In order for your to combine any the salutation with the correct name the rest of the salutation has to be set in Act!. Then the correct ending can be inserted with the right gender. The salutation is set up with the following parts:

Dear Mr [Name]

Dear Ms [Name]

Dear [Name]

Dear [Name]


In Act! the salutation needs to be changed adjusted accordingly. Female contacts need to be filled with Ms Doe, male contacts accordingly with Mr Doe. In the OUTREACH|IT template you need to set that the two blocks (see above in black and orange) need to be combined. The settings for this are described step by step below.

1. Make sure the correct content is in the salutation field in Act!. In the standard setting Act! automatically inserts the first name into the salutation field when the contact name is entered into the Name field. This setting can be changed. In case you already have existing contacts you need to either by hand, or export the contacts, change the salutation field settings and then re-import them so that the salutation field is automatically filled according to the new settings. More to this is explained in our training sessions. 

2. open OUTREACH|IT öffnen and a template.

3. In the template, switch to Field List

4. Right click into the field list.

(1) Contacts – This is where the Act! contact fields are listed. If no formatting is needed you can simply drag and drop them into the template.

(2) Add Calculated Field – click here to insert a new calculated field

(3) Edit Calculated Fields – click here to edit an existing calculated field.

In order to continue in this chapter, please select (3)


 5. An editor assistant will open

(1) Add – Add a new calculated field and select a name for it. 

(2) Remove – delete an existing (selected) calculated field

(3) Expression – select this menu option so that (4) appears. The calculated fields are defined here.

(4) […] – click here to open the definition assistent.


6. The expression editor will open so that you may define the settings for the selected field. 


Insert the following block into the top window:

Concat(Replace(concat(‚Dear ‚,[C_Salutation]), ‚,‘ “), ‚,‘)

Save the settings with ‚OK‘ 


The following settings are defined with these parts:

Concat(Replace(concat(‚Dear ‚,[C_Salutation]), ‚,‘ “), ‚,‘)

The brackets are used from inside to out. The part marked red – concat(‚Dear ‚,[C_Salutation]) – means „connect Dear with the field contents“. In this case with the field contents [C_Salution] so the salutation.

The second set of brackets – Replace     , ‚,‘ “ – deletes a possible comma at the end of the salutation. In our database the salutation sometimes is maintained with and without commas. To make sure that the salutation in the template only contains one comma and not possible two, all salutation forms need to be adjusted to one version – in this case with only one comma. This comma is inserted in the next step so that, if no comma is set, one is added anyway. 

The salutation now looks like this: Dear Mr Doe

The third bracket – Concat    , ‚,‘ – adds a comma to the salutation. This then looks like this: Dear mr Doe,


7. Now you can save these settings with Ok and the calculated field is now visible in the Field List. You now may insert it into your template per drag and drop. 

(1) The field has the name you gave it. When the template is processed with a job the current Act! data is inserted from the contact. In order to finish settings, double click on the calculated field and check if it says „Dear…,„.

(2) If you want to change the salutation settings, select the calculated field in your Field List with right-click and then select Edit Calculated Fields in the menu.