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Inserting graphical elements with OUTREACH|IT Advanced Report Designer

Adding a picture to an e-mail can change the read-and-response rate. A newsletter gets a nice new feel, an info mail seams more personal. Since e-mails were never meant to send large data packages, it is better to uplaod the pictures to your FTP server and simply add the picture’s location and other information (size, position) to the e-mail. This is done via HTML code and if you do not regularly work with HTML, here is a script block you can copy and paste to your template. 

Open the template window, select „Scripts“-view and copy paste the following scripture:


Private Sub Picture_HtmlItemCreated(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.HtmlEventArgs)


Dim convertedSizeW as Integer

Dim convertedSizeH as Integer

Dim controlSize as Size = CType(sender, XRControl).Size

Select Case xtraReport1.ReportUnit

Case ReportUnit.HundredthsOfAnInch

convertedSizeW = GraphicsUnitConverter.Convert(controlSize, GraphicsUnit.Document, GraphicsUnit.Inch).Width / 100

convertedSizeH = GraphicsUnitConverter.Convert(controlSize, GraphicsUnit.Document, GraphicsUnit.Inch).Height / 100

Case ReportUnit.TenthsOfAMillimeter

convertedSizeW = GraphicsUnitConverter.Convert(controlSize, GraphicsUnit.Document, GraphicsUnit.Millimeter).Width * 4.4776119

convertedSizeH = GraphicsUnitConverter.Convert(controlSize, GraphicsUnit.Document, GraphicsUnit.Millimeter).Height * 4.4776119

End Select

Dim s As String = „<a href='“ & (CType(sender, XRControl)).Tag.ToString() & „‚>“ & „<img src='“ & (CType(sender, XRPictureBox)).ImageUrl.ToString() & „‚ width='“ & convertedSizeW & „‚ height='“ & convertedSizeH & „‚ border=’0‘>“ & „</a>“

e.ContentCell.InnerHtml = s

End Sub

Then select the picture box you have created and on the right in the settings table, „Property Grid“ move down to „Behaviour“ – „Scripts“