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Outlook Plugin Integration in Act! for Web

If in the tab „Write“ everything is grayed out except for „E-Mail message“, this can be due to the missing Outlook plugin.

The Outlook plugin enables communication between Outlook and your Act! for Web. This plugin is available for Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.

The 32-bit versions of Office 2010,2013 and 2016 are supported. Since Act! version v19 the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office is also

Important: Act! must not be installed locally on the computer. Background is a dynamic program library, which can only be used once. If you do it nevertheless you can

break your system and you have to uninstall the add-in manually.

If you have already installed an earlier version of Act!, you have to remove the add-in manually once via the Windows program view.

Manual for Add-in install

1.At first close Outlook, then open Act! for Web,

   In the Menubar select „Tools“ and then „Preferences“

2. Select E-Mail in the window that appears.

3. After that, click on „Download“

If you downloaded the Plugin you can install the Plugin.

The installation assistant will guide you through the installation.

Finish the installation by clicking on „Finish“ and confirm it by clicking on „OK“ on the Web.