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If the TAPI drivers and Dial|IT did work in your office and the message:

TAPI message

appears when you are out of the office with your notebook or mobile device, 
this message appears when Dial|IT can not detect your TAPI device. This message is there to inform you that there is no TAPI device detected. It is not an error-message!


How to handle this message:

If you get one of the following messages during ACT! Startup or while ACT! is running, please follow the steps described below

   1. Go into the configuration of DIAL|IT
   2. On the tab Tapi Settings check whether your Tapi device is selected.

       1. If it is selected and if your phone is working with the phone.exe programe please activate or deactivate the option ‚Flag FL_Dropondisconnect‘ which you find also on the Tapi Settings tab.
       2. If it is selected but your phone is not working with the phone.exe please contact your phone provider

Testtool: PhoneExe (x86)

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)

3. If it is not selected, select your Tapi device and make an ACT! restart

If you still get this message submit a ticket and send us the log files via the configuration (more info here).