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Am 21. Juni 2018 hat Swiftpage den Hotfix 6 für die Version 20.1 veröffentlicht. Dieser enthält unter anderem Verbesserungen für die Outlook Integration, der Benutzeroberfläche und zahlreiche andere Änderungen wie Bugfixes.

1. Verbesserung der Outlook Integration

An der Integration von Outlook wurden einige Dinge angepasst. Einen eigenen Artikel zu der geänderten Outlook Integration finden Sie unter dem folgeden Link:

Mailversand in Act! 20.1 HF6

2. Anpassungen an der Benutzeroberfläche

Neben der Outlook Integration wurden auch Verbesserungen an der Benutzeroberfläche von Act! vorgenommen. 

– Im Reiter „Dokumente“ besteht nun die Möglichkeit per Rechtsklick ein Dokument zu speichern
– Der Reiter „Kontakte“ in Gruppen und Frimen wird nun standardmäßig angezeigt
– In den Einstellungen werden alle Reiter nun in zwei Reihen dargestellt
– Das „Suche nach“ Feld wird nun Standardmäßig in der Listenansicht angezeigt
– Inaktive Steuerelemente wurden aus der Aufgabenliste des Kalenders entfernt
– „Sucher erstellen“ ist nun auch für Mehrfachauswahlen bei Firmen möglich

3. Act! Premium for Web Verbesserungen

– Menüpunkte wurden im Menü linksbündig ausgerichtet
– Prozesse der Verkaufchancen wurden angepasst damit die selbe Technologie wie im Windows Client verwendet wird
– Die Dateigröße der Icons wurde angepasst um die Performance zu verbessern 
– Angezeigte Versionsnummer sollte nun die slebe wie im Windows Client sein

Neben diesen, für den Benutzer relevanten Änderungen, gab es auch Änderungen am SDK selbst. Diese Änderungen sind nnur für Entwickler von Add-Ons relevant:

4. SDK Verbesserungen für Entwickler (englisch)

– Add event where a contact, group or company is added to an opportunity
– Add events where opportunity total is modified or recalculated
– Add events where a relationship is added to a contact
– Add open and close events for the layout editor
– Provide consistent event for LayoutLoaded
– Record Created events are inconsistent or missing

5. Bugfixes (englisch) 

  1. FR- APFW – Task list view/ Activity Tab – Edit and Delete links are truncated
  2. FR- APFW – History list / Tab – Edit and Delete links are truncated
  3. FR- APFW – Notes Tab – Edit and Delete links are truncated
  4. TS – FR – Text Overlaps Button Edges When Deleting Contacts.
  5. TS – When creating a History item and selecting the Type as Other, the follow up button on the local install is greyed out, however it remains active on APFW.
  6. TS – Rescheduling a recurring activity with attachment does not create a rescheduled activity.
  7. Windows – Companies – Update linked fields messaging was not updated for „update linked fields“ button
  8. LC – DE– Browse button is truncated on Save Copy As dialog
  9. LC – CF – Truncation in emarketing profile
  10. LC-FR-“Post” should be “Code postal” on Contact Detail View.
  11. LC–FR-On the Copy/Move Contact Data page, the text can’t be showed fully.
  12. LC–FR-On the “Reset Menus and Toolbars” truncation
  13. LC-DE- The selection box of “Opportunity (select one)” is misaligned in Act! Emarketing–Webpage dialog.
  14. Two same hotkeys “Alt + S” appear in the “Schedule Activity” box.
  15. Chrome-User Log out automatically with an error message occurred after using “Attach File…”.
  16. LC-FR-APFW: Truncation display on the Activity part on contact detail view
  17. Chrome – Dashboard – The activity cannot be deleted when we select “delete all activities in the linked series”.
  18. LC-FR-APFW: There should be more space between these buttons and the dialog frame
  19. TS – Relate Contact Window cannot be resized.
  20. LC-FR: Truncation in Email System Setup Outlook Address Books page
  21. TS – Act! Network Sync Service Update refers to Act! Update
  22. Lock/Unlock filter slider text needs to be centered as it’s topmost currently
  23. TS – APFW – DE – Spelling error in Emarketing Opt Out menu.
  24. Space needed for easier reading Monthly contact limit
  25. Unable to connect to sync server error is incorrect
  26. APFW – The “Send At” field displays blank in the “Next Scheduled Email Campaign” section
  27. TS – APFW – Defunct 6 month survey appears
  28. TS – APFW – Error in Application when trying to change password when ‚User cannot change password‘ is enabled.
  29. White icons of ‘Product Reports’ & ‘Opportunity Reports’ appear in New Report dialog.
  30. The ‘Favorite’ icon was changed from icon to text after resetting the Columns in the contacts List View.
  31. TS – APFW – Deleted Activities in IE do not disappear from list without refreshing page
  32. APFW – Calculated fields allow blank if set before choosing „calculated“ as field type
  33. APFW – Activities – Schedule for dialog displays current user instead of „created by“
  34. LC – DE/FR/CF – Pro Welcome Page isn’t directed to the correct regional page.
  35. Act! Update package (20.0 u5) references ACT2000
  36. TS – APFW – Unable to filter task list by keyword in IE.
  37. No scrollbar when creating calculated field with long formula
  38. TS – APFW – The advanced query open window doesn’t always close in IE11.
  39. TS – Unable to delete a complete activity series in IE.
  40. TS – APFW – When using the ‚replace‘ option when importing into APFW, information that is not being imported is removed from the record.
  41. TS – APFW – Company activities tab showing all activities after lookup in IE.
  42. TS – APFW – Standard Users unable to create secondary contacts if ‚Delete Records‘ permission removed.
  43. TS – APFW – Able to create a remote database from another remote database via Web.
  44. LC-DE- Truncation issue occurred on Emarkting Overview.
  45. TS – APFW – Attempting to delete an in use opportunity stage gives misleading error.
  46. DE – Act! Notification message contains truncated text
  47. TS – APFW – Removing a field from a database when included in a ‚customised columns‘ selection causes a logout
  48. LC-DE/CF/FR: The help descriptions of all charts are not translated into German or French.
  49. TS – APFW – Logged out of web or error message after adding a document to a new contact
  50. TS – APFW – Alarms window not appearing after a session times out
  51. TS – Old databases open in 20 without needing to update
  52. LC – CF/FR –Truncation issue occurred in Select Contacts dialog.
  53. LC_FR/DE/CF Truncation issue occurred in Act! Update Details dialog.
  54. LC – CF/FR Truncation issue occurred in Contact Merge Options dialog when import database.
  55. APFW – IE – Selecting „delete all occurrences“ of recurring activities still only deletes one
  56. LC-DE Truncation issue occurred on the ‘Create, edit, or delete drop-down lists’ dialog.
  57. LC – CF/FR Truncation issue occurred in Opportunity Graph Options dialog.
  58. LC – DE/CF/FR APFW – Truncation issue occurred in Opportunity Pipeline Options dialog.
  59. TS – ISPA.exe runs at 100% CPU on TS environments.
  60. LC – CF ‘Share’ button is not translated to French on Open/Share database dialog.
  61. LC-FR/CF/DE – Translation issue occur during the creation of custom tables.
  62. LC – FR/CF/DE ‘Delete local preferences’ prompt box is not translated to French/Germany.
  63. LC – FR/CF/DE Some contents are not translated to French/Germany in Map Entity Fields page for Custom Tables.
  64. LC – FR/CF/DE Translation issue occur in Customize Columns dialog for Custom Tables.
  65. TS – APFW – History Result incorrect when sending an aem campaign via Web.
  66. TS – Email address from Outlook contact is used instead of email address in Act!.
  67. LC – FR/CF/DE The prompt box name – ‘Custom Tables’ is not translated to French/German.
  68. LC-FR/CF/DE – The contents of all prompt boxes are not translated to French and German when edit a record in the custom table.
  69. LC – FR/CF/DE – Truncation issue occurs in Mail Merge Wizard (7 of 7) dialog when mail merge by E-mail.
  70. TS – Upgrading Pro Databases to Premium 20.1 does not always update the Product Tier correctly.
  71. LC-DE Truncation issue occurred for ‘This contact is dynamically included in the groups listed below’ on the ‘Dynamic Groups Membership’ dialog.
  72. LC – DE/CF/FR The ‘company field’ is overlapped by the field selection box in Define Fields dialog.
  73. LC – DE ‘Browse…’ button is wrapped in Import List Items dialog.
  74. TS – History has no line break after the Regarding field in preview pane
  75. TS – APFW – Unable to schedule an activity series in Chrome when one of the activities is in the past.
  76. APFW-Custom Tables-Create a 2 Number fields and a Calculated Numeric field, using the Number fields, in Custom table via APFW gives errors
  77. APFW – Custom Tables – Creating a Field in Custom Tables before creating a custom table logs user out of APFW
  78. APFW – Custom Tables – Editing a custom table calculated field gives an error.
  79. APFW – Custom Tables – Cannot edit custom table field name.
  80. APFW-Custom tables-Clicking on Picture field in Custom table Layout Designer for Web gives error
  81. APFW-Custom Tables-Create 2 Picture fields in Custom table and add an Image in each of the fields via APFW, last Image added, overrides both fields
  82. APFW – Custom Tables – Industry Template Library option is unresponsive
  83. Custom Tables-Creating a Calculated field, based on Numerics, does not validate formula.
  84. TS – Web Info tab – Open Browser link uses IE and not default browser
  85. LC-FR : Missing translation for “Address” in Contact detail view.
  86. Pressing keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F5 when viewing AEM in Act! causes an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  87. Custom Tables – Calculated fields on Custom tables, break Schema export
  88. Deleting Series causes popup for delete recurring activity
  89. (Chrome) Warning in activity series doesn’t let you continue
  90. Groups tree doesn’t stick when navigating away