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When your dial device isn’t shown in the DIAL|IT configuration, you can do the following things to check where the problem is:

!! For every step in this description, ACT must be closed. !!

1. Use the Phone.exe

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)

With the Phone.exe, you can communicate directly with your phone system.

Here you can download the Phone.exe: Phone.exe

Start the Phone.exe and check if your phone is shown there. If not, please contact your phone responsable. To use DIAL|IT with your phone, the phone must be usable with the Phone.exe.

2. Update the TopTapi3.dll

If the phone is usable with the Phone.exe, but it’s not shown in the DIAL|IT configuration, you have to download the most actual version of the TopTapi3.dll which creates the connection between the phone and DIAL|IT.

To get the latest version please send an email to

You have to copy this file into two folders on your maschine. You can overwrite the existing file.

2.1. Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins

2.2. WINDOWS\System32

When you have copied the file into these two folders, restart the maschine and check, if the phone is now shown in the DIAL|IT configuration.

3. Support

If your phone device isn’t shown in the DIAL|IT configuration after going through the two steps above, please go on our website in the Support section and create a ticket.

Here you have to fill the web form with all information and to give a detailed description of what’s going wrong.

After you’ve created a ticket, open the DIAL|IT configuration on go on the support tab. Set the Trace level to 4 if not already done and restart ACT!.

When ACT! has been restarted, please check if the phone device is shown. If not, go back to the support tab and click on „Send Logfiles to get support“.

There you only have to add the TicketID of the ticket which you’ve created before that our developers can associate the log to the correct ticket.