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With the Data Suite you have the possibility to export your data and attachments and match them back to the contact with the Contact ID.  For example, you can assign your invoices as attachments too your contacts without manually add the invoice to each contact, because the contact ID allows you to see which invoice belongs to which contact.

In the first step, you have to export your contacts. After that, you have to export your attachments so that both data types are exported to an Excel table. It´s important to choose the field “Contact ID” before you start your export for the contacts and attachments. With the Contact ID tidies the Data Suite your attachments to the right contact.

When your contacts and attachments export to Excel tables, you have to choose in the field “tools” the function “Join Csv Files”.



Now enter the CS files you want to merge. It´s important to note that you must select the attachment export file on the left and the contact export file on the right. To ensure that the contacts are correctly assigned to the histories, the Contact ID is used here as the merge field. You can select the available fields that should be included in the final table. After successfully merging your CSV files, save this process.



Now open the merged data in an excel table. You can see, which attachments with the ID are merged.

In our example you can see the final product. In this merged excel table you can see clear, which history belongs to which contact.

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