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You have setup linked fields between Companies and Contacts. You find when you perform an update of the linked fields, some of them are not updated.

Explanation of Swiftpage:

This will occus because of an issue that prevents fields in a spillover table from updating from company fields. When fields are created, they are added to a table. When a table reaches the maxium size, a new  (spillover) table is created. Customers who are have numerous custom fields are more likely to experience this.

Steps to fix the problem:

Download the DBFixer, extract it from the zip file.

1. Close your Act! Database. It is recommended that you make a backup of your database before running this tool.

2. After starting the DBFixer the following disclaimer box appear:


3. Review, and then click the OK button. Then the DBFixer Utility Dialog Box appears.

DBFixer - choose the Act! Database

4. Select the name of the database you would like to run the DBFixer on, and then click the Apply button. The next message appears.

Act! DBFixer

5. Click on OK to clear the message. Repeat the above steps for all databases that have the update problem. Then click on Close button to exit the tool.

Act! DBFixer

6. Start Act! and now all linked fields will be updated successfully.