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All old Act! addons is available for our customers now. I cant get there
versions and Act! version support data but last value is less than ACT13
(should be).
So its new folder on our ftp: /addons/fullinstaller/Archive
All links is looks like:

LayoutswitchIT 76.87 Mb:

DataSuite 72.27 Mb:

TableIT 160.68 Mb:

ScanIT 161.14 Mb:

DialIT 116.79 Mb:

GroupIT 99.51 Mb:

BuisnessIT 55.89 Mb:

AddressIT 68.68 Mb:

Some addons can not contain some our additional packs like General and
Devexpress (Old DataSuite for Act! dont install General4New). Its less
possibility but you must know it, so here links:


DevExpress v.12.1.4:
DevExpress v.13.1.5:
DevExpress v.14.1.6: