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I get Error: „Unsupported Browser. The browser you are using is incompatible with our Web site. This application requires that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher.“ when I try to open Act! via Internet Explorer 11

Product Family: Act!
Product: Act! Premium (Access via Web)

Browser: Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has removed the part of the Internet Explorer 11 agent string that identifies it as Internet Explorer so that it can impersonate Mozilla Firefox. Because of this, when you visit your Act! Premium (access via Web) website it is unable to detect what browser you are using.

Turn on Compatibility View
  1. Click the Options icon (that looks like a gear) in the upper-right corner
  2. Choose Compatibility View settings
  3. Type in the address that your Act! website is located at
  4. Click Add and then click Close
At this point your site should reload and you should be presented with a login screen