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If you have installation problems or problems with starting an Addon, please follow the manual:

   1. At first, please close ACT! and uninstall the Addon, also the CRMADDON DevExpress and CRMADDON GeneralFiles for Addon’s, you find this all in the „Software“ list.

   2. Go to your Documents folder and delete everything from CRMADDON.

   3. Delete also all folders from CRMADDON in this path: C:\program files\Act\Act for Windows\Plugins

   4. Delete the Dep*.xml files (from ACT!), search for them also in hidden files, you may want to check
       C:\Users\[windows user name]\AppData\Roaming\ACT\ACT for Windows XX

   5. Maybe a restart of your PC will be required.

   6. Install the newest version of the Addon from our Website.

you can also consider our install support, where an Technican will remote in, and get the addon to work