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In general it´s recommended to install Handheld Contact on the same Server as the Act! Database but this is not always possible.
In this article we will give you an idea on how to install HHC on not the database server.

The main installation does not really differ from the normal HHC installation, just install Act! first (Act! is a must have on this machine), then install the Handheld Contact application as always. Please run both, the Act! installation as well as the Handheld Contact installation with admin privileges (Right click on the executable and choose „run as administrator…“)
As soon as everything is installed, please make sure to share the Act! database on the main database server.
You will also need a windows-user or a domain-user who is permitted to access the share from the other machine.

You might already try to configure HHC and run the sync but it will probably tell you that the sync failed because HHC can not access the database. In this case please open up the services by pressing the Win-Button + R which will open up a small window. Please enter „services.msc“ and press enter.
Find the service called „HHC7Service“ and right click on it. Choose „Properties“ and navigate to the „Log-on“ tab. 
Please enter a windows- or domain-user who is permitted to access the share which was made when sharing the database.
Click on „Ok“ and restart the service by right-clicking it and choosing „restart“. Repeat this for all the services which start with „HHC7“ 

Now you can try to sync HHC once more and everything should work fine.
If this does not work for you, you might open up a ticket, we are happy to help you.