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To assign your Activities, Opportunities, Notes and Histories to the  right Contacts, Companies or Groups you should have the field imported to your Contacts, Companies or Groups that can be used for data records linking.

The below example will show how to import Histories to Contacts, the schemas for the rest data record types can be created in the common way.

First of all, please create a schema of ‚Histories‘ type:

Then map fields for importing on the Easy Mapping tab.

The following step is very important: Parent Record Identification tab allows linking the records you import to the correct Contact, Company or Group. Please note!:  the field which is already imported to your Contacts records and which is in your source file for Histories should be used for data records linking. This can be Contact name field or ID field for example.

After you have linked your data, you should assign Histories from your source file to the Histories available in your ACT! database, this should be done on the Histories Settings tab.

The same way on the Parent Record Identification tab are assigned fields for Notes, Activities and Opportunities.