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You are importing an Excel Sheet and you have a column which can be answered with „yes/no“ for example:

For example:

Customer wants a special discount:
       yes / no

It can happen that one of your Staff-Members did not answer with yes or no, instead he responded with 10% or 20% or like this:

Customer wants a special discount:
about 10%

In this case if you want it to import to Act! we would suggest the follwing steps:


1. To make sure all Information is also imported in your Act! you must be sure which information the field has.
In this case we have 2 kinds of information. The first one is, the customer wants a discount. The second one is, The customer wants about 10% discount.

2. With these 2 information we have to create 2 different Act! Fields where we want our information displayed.

3. In our Example we need a Yes/No field checkbox for Act!.
    The checkbox is defined as „Yes/No“ in the field definition.
    The checkbox is called Yes/No tool in the layout designer

4. We also need a multiple choice dropdown menue for the further information
    The dropdown list can be managed by Tools => Define Fields => List Tasks => Manage drop-down lists
    Proceed, create a dropdown list and set up your Dropdown list and proceed with the dropdown values.
    After that you have to map the dropdown list to a new field you create.


5. After this work is done, continue with our import.

5.1 Create a translation in virtual column. for example name it „_is10percent“ then go on and map your source field. in our case „customer wants a special discount:“
then say field contains „10%“ Result = „10%“ proceed with translation until you got all needed values. like 10%, 20%, 50% etc…
you will end up with x schemas all created the same way:

_is10percent Source Field „customer wants a special discount:“ „contains“ „10%“ Result „10%“
_is20percent Source Field „customer wants a special discount:“ „contains“ „20%“ Result „20%“
_is30percent Source Field „customer wants a special discount:“ „contains“ „30%“ Result „30%“
_is40percent Source Field „customer wants a special discount:“ „contains“ „40%“ Result „40%“
and so on. these schemas make sure you only get useable values for your dropdown list.

6. Create another Translation (we will name it is_yesorno) and map the created schemes to it:
_is10percent contains 10% then Result is „Yes“
_is10percent contains 20% then Result is „Yes“
_is10percent contains 30% then Result is „Yes“
this will be needed to get a valid field for your checkbox.

7. Create a „Merge field“ and map your schemes. we will name it „is_merged
Here we will add all merge fields we need and separate them with the field seperator we want, e.g. ;


We will end up with 3 kinds of schemes:

Translation1: „_isXpercent“
Translation2: „is_yesorno“
Merge: „is_merged“


In the easy mappings we only need to map
Translation2: „is_yesorno“
Merge: „is_merged“

to the fields you created in act!