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If you have purchased a license to Handheld Contact from ACT!/Swiftpage/Sage directly, you would have received an activation code (serial number) from them within the purchase email.  In order to use this and get Handheld Contact set up and working, please follow these steps:


Set up and create Handheld Contact account:

  1. Go to: and click on the device type you will use.  Then click on the ‚Sign up now‘ button.
  2. This will get you set up with a 14-day trial as well as create the account needed for syncing.
  3. Once the account is created you will stay logged into  Click on ‚Your Account‘ in the upper right corner.  Then click on ‚Add Subscription Key‘ link along the left.
  4. You will be taken to a screen where the Activation Code (serial number) from Sage will be copy and pasted.  This is a code that will include alpha, numeric and special characters and will end with a ‚=‘ sign.  Copy all of the code (including the =) and paste it into this field.  Press the ‚Add Subscription Key‘ button.  When it is successfully applied, click on ‚Manage Subscriptions‘.
  5. Choose the ‚Use with your account‘ link and this will be applied and activate the account.
  6. If you are going to keep all subscriptions under the same HHC username, you will repeat the same steps (3 & 4) for adding the subscriptions to the account.  However, instead of choosing the ‚Use with your account‘ link, click on ‚Assign to user‘ and insert the email address for the new user.  If the account already exists, the key will be applied immediately.  If it doesn’t, you will be asked to create the account.


Download and install the Handheld Contact software to the PC:

  1. In order to get started with the software, you will need to download and install the software to the same PC/server where the ACT! database resides.  There should only be one single installation of Handheld Contact.  If you have a central location where ACT! runs for multiple people, this is where Handheld Contact should be installed.
  2. Please see THIS LINK for directions regarding download and installation.
  3. After configuration, click on the ‚Sync Now‘ button on the left to begin the syncing process.


Download and install the Handheld Contact app to the device:

  1. To get the application downloaded and installed to the device, open an internet browser on the device.
  2. Point the browser to:
  3. This will detect the operating system of the device and direct you to the correct Store (Eg. App Store, BlackBerry World, or Play Store) for download or directly to our OTA site.  You will want to install the ‚Professional‘ Edition.
  4. Ensure the syncing from the PC/server has completed.
  5. Launch the application.
  6. Enter the Handheld Contact username/password as created from above.
  7. If entered correctly, the syncing will begin right away.