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Check here if your telephone system is tapi compliant.  

Please note: The testing-procedure is only working with TAPI-drivers from the manufacturer of the device.


  • contact your Phone supplier for the tapi driver software (must be delivered by the manufacturer of the phone or a 3party that made a software for your brand)
  • provide this document to the Phone supplier
  • we strongly recomend that the phone supplier should install & configure the Tapi driver and prof with phone.exe (as described below) the function
  • install Phone.exe on your own
  • select your tapi device (sometimes your extension or your name)
  • click on start session
  • enter a phone number (with leading 0 or 9, or what ever your phone-system expects for normal call)
  • click on make a call, you should then see the progress, your phone should start dial
  • when you have the called party on the phone, ask the party to call back and try to use the hangup button.
  • when the before called party calls back, you should see the call via the tool phone.exe
  • if you phone allows on hook dialing via Tapi (or headset) then you can try to use the button Pick-up
  • you should be connected to the call (pls make a note in what field the caller-ID is displayed you would need this for the setup of Dial-it)
  • then you should be able to hang up again, via the hang-up button.

if you can follow the instructions above, then Dial|it will be able to work with your Phone setup.

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64) 

If you are not able to make a call, please contact your telephone provider. He has to provide & install a tapi driver.



By default we do not support Modems, as they are normally very limited (ie not supporting inbound calls) . But you can try to click on the tab Tapi Media mode, and change the settings there (Default / Unknown / Interactivce Voice / Automated Voice / Data Modem). If that is not helpful then you would have to change to a VOIP-line and use i.e. the SNOM-phone. 




Missing Phone/Tapi device

When your dial device isn’t shown in the DIAL|IT configuration, you can do the following things to check where the problem is:

!! For every step in this description, ACT must be closed. !!

1. Use the Phone.exe

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)

With the Phone.exe, you can communicate directly with your phone system.

Here you can download the Phone.exe: Phone.exe

Start the Phone.exe and check if your phone is shown there. If not, please contact your phone responsable. To use DIAL|IT with your phone, the phone must be usable with the Phone.exe.

2. Update the TopTapi3.dll

If the phone is usable with the Phone.exe, but it’s not shown in the DIAL|IT configuration, you have to download the most actual version of the TopTapi3.dll which creates the connection between the phone and DIAL|IT.

To get the latest version please send an email to

You have to copy this file into two folders on your maschine. You can overwrite the existing file.

2.1. Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins

2.2. WINDOWS\System32

When you have copied the file into these two folders, restart the maschine and check, if the phone is now shown in the DIAL|IT configuration.

3. Support

If your phone device isn’t shown in the DIAL|IT configuration after going through the two steps above, please go on our website in the Support section and create a ticket.

Here you have to fill the web form with all information and to give a detailed description of what’s going wrong.

After you’ve created a ticket, open the DIAL|IT configuration on go on the support tab. Set the Trace level to 4 if not already done and restart ACT!.

When ACT! has been restarted, please check if the phone device is shown. If not, go back to the support tab and click on „Send Logfiles to get support“.

There you only have to add the TicketID of the ticket which you’ve created before that our developers can associate the log to the correct ticket.

Additional Informations

DIAL|IT requires a TAPI driver.

Why do I need a TAPI driver?

TAPI is a programming interface for phone devices. To be able to take advantage of a TAPI compliant phone a TAPI driver is required.

Typically, you obtain a TAPI driver from the manufacturer of your phone device. The driver will be installed on your PC. It enables TAPI compliant software to access functions of your phone device.

Test your TAPI driver installation and function with this little program.

Testtool: PhoneExe (x64)


After you downloaded Phone.exe click on „Start Session“ and enter a phone number in the scheduled field. Then click on „Make Call“. Also test an incoming call – is the number of the caller shown correctly?

If you can make/receive this call your telephone system is TAPI compliant.

Occasionally, certain phone device functions bypass the TAPI driver and use their own ways of communication instead. The result is that software made by the phone device manufacturer dials and displays the caller’s phone number, yet DIAL|IT cannot find the TAPI driver and hence does not communicate with your phone device.

If you notice such symptoms there are two options available to you. Option one is to contact your phone device’s vendor and request a current/working driver.

For more information call us on 08282 800 5050 or send us an email at we will be happy to advise you.