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This mode when enabled will process all fetched emails automatically once the email is received. This solution should be used if your customers send you requests via some type of web forms and you would like to add the data from them to your ACT! database. The data from the email will be automatically parsed and imported to your ACT! database. The proper configuration for such service task consists of several steps:FetchIT optimized mode configuration

1. You should create and configure your FetchIT schema. With ‚Fetch Optimized Mode‘ the program will keep constant connection to your mail server and will monitor all incoming emails. Once a new email is received the FetchIT task will be executed.

2. Create ImportIT schema where you should map the fields you would like to import to your ACT! database. 

3. Combine FetchIT and ImportIT schemas execution by creating tasks for them in ServiceIT. The time settings for your FetchIT task will be ignored, since the task will be executed after each new email, ImportIT task should be configured to run after FetchIT task, its event type should be set as ‚Task ‚ in ServiceIT configuration wizard.

4. Enable ‚FetchIT optimized mode‘ in Service Configuration . This way the program will keep connection to your mail server and will process all incoming emails automatically – fetch them and import data to your ACT! database.

5. For each processed email an event will be created in ServiceIT. You can set to create events after each processed email or at the end of the day.