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Sometimes we need your database.

this can be nessary when

  • You want a Database Repair
  • We need your Database copy for debuging some failure in a addon or in ACT
  • We planned a Training with your staff (we do training with your data, so your staff feels @home
  • You want a Database Merge
  • You want us to Clean-Up your Database
  • you want us to host your Database


We have several Aproches for uploading your data. We recommend Nextcloud, which is according to the european data protection rules. Just in case, Nextcloud cannot be used because of your company rules, you can use the alternative ways shown under 1-4.



1. If possible,send us your Database via  Nextcloud. This way is according to european data protection rules and recommended by us. 

2. Send us your Database via SendthisFile  (max 1.5 GB

3. Send us your Database via Dropbox (share the database with

4. Send us your Database via mail  (only possible if the zip file has less then 4 MB and is not password protected)

5. Send us your Database via ftp.  We recomnd a tool like filezilla client for uploading.  We provide a high-secure FTP server, with the following Credentials  (user ftpupload, password xeCPZmP?%) ) and change to the upload-ftp folder) when uploaded you will not be able to see/delete/copy/download your file. 

(if you dont know how to upload with filezilla you get help here)

6. MagentaCLOUD

You can also upload your files with our MagentaCLOUD. 

Just contact us in our support suite to receive further information.


In most cases we only need a backup without your attachments, so please make a backup without attachments. So we expect a zip file, created by ACT

if you can not make a backup, you can also copy the files, in this case, you must shutdown the Service SQL Server (ACT7) , then you can copy the 2 files  that contain your database (databasename).ADF & (Databasename).ALF


In any case, please inform us when you uploaded the data via your existing ticket. we will inform you as soon we downloaded the file sucessfully

Also please do not forget to send us the username & password

If you need help to make a backup of your database click here.

As soon we finished the job, we will delete the database, so we will not keep a copy, and we will not distribute your data to anybody else.

If you need a signed NDA, pls download, and send us the signed document, we will be happy to sign it and send it back

If you want us to host your database, we need the complete Database with Attachments!