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Are you using a demoversion of an addon an want to upgrade to a full licence? 

If you want to upgrade to the full licence there is no reinstallation necessary.

(I) If you are using one of our addons (OUTREACH| IT oder DATA| SUITE) you can start it.

(II) If you are using an Act! Addon first of all start Act!. You can start the configuration of the addon in the by choosing „tools“ and then „CRMADDON Factory Addons„.


To (I): How to start the wizard for registration by the example of OUTREACH| IT.


1. Start the software

Click on „Licence info“ (marked yellow) to get more information about the licence.

2. Here you can see a overview of your data.


To (II): How to start the wizard of registration at the example of an Act! addon:

The following steps are identical for (I) and (II):


3. Choose the option „Licence„. Now you get to the wizard of registration .


4. Choose „Licence„.


5. In the red marked field you can type in you licence code.


6. With clicking on the green „a“ your licence will be checked.


7. When everthing is checked, you can click on „next„. Your licence is now activated.