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How to submit a ticket directly from your addon

Each addon is supplied with a separate module that allows creating support tickets directly from the addon interface. To take advantage of this functionality, please follow Support tab of your addon and select there ‚Create a Supportticket

When creating a ticket through this interface your log files are attached automatically. It is also possible to restart your ACT! to reproduce the issue without closing this tool. 

Right after clicking Create a Supportticket link you will be offered to provide your email. Please make sure you insert the correct email as it will be used to create an account in our system and we will get in touch with your regarding the issue through this email:

On the following dialog you can create a ticket for our support team:

Department‚ – Please select the corresponding to your addon department
Subject‚ – Add a subject to your ticket. We suggest making a short issue description in your subject
Status‚ – Select a status for your ticket
Type‚ – Select a type for your issue
Priority‚ – Select your ticket priority. Please be advised that free support tickets are normally processed within 24 hours during business days. However, if you’d like to have your ticket to be handled with highest priority, please consider purchasing our paid support .
Details / Description‚ – Please add a detailed description of the issue
Attach File‚ – Besides log files, please attach all files (screenshots, schemas or copies of your databases) that will help us to better understand the issue.
Create a ticket‚ – Click this button to create a ticket. 

Please visit Helpful Links section, probably you will find there the answer to your question or the solution to your issue 

User Settings menu item leads to the section where you can add your user data:


It is also possible to send log files directly from Help menu of Import|IT application.

The following screen will appear:

Fill out the required fields and and click ‚Send‚ button to send log files to our support team.