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As soon DIAL|IT and Skype is installed, you are ready to use DIAL|IT with Skype.

Following points must be done upfront:

   1. Skype must be installed and Running
   2. you must go to the skype tab in the config, and select any field, i.e Messenger, this will install the connector
   3. Allow call-In and Call out at the bottom of the tab
   4. If you want to call from your skype account on a phone or mobile number, you have to define this fields in the ACT Phone fields tab.
   5. you must allow ACT to comunicate with skype.  you can do this by double clicking on the two opposite facing arrows on the main skype interface or following this string :go to tools – options – advanced – manage other programs‘ access to skype:  
       This area is the ‚managing API access‘.  (check out Options, extended  access, external applications in skype)
   6. if you do not see ACT in that Skype Options/Extended/Accesscontrol, you might have to restart ACT

that should do the job.