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‘Run All Schemas’ option allows you to create an import map, i.e. import schemas not one by one but create a list of them in preferred order of importing. This way they will be imported in the order you add them to the list. You can also create import maps for future, save them and load later for importing. 


There is also another way of importing schemas in a specific order. If your license includes ServiceIT, then you can set there tasks and set them to be executed in a specific order.

First of all you need to create the task for your first import schema. You need to create this task of ‘time’ event type and set the time options for it. All further schemas that should be executed after it should be created as ‘task’ event type.  Please see the example of such event type below:


When creating tasks in some sequence, the parent task should be specified. This is the task which your new task is executed after.

 task event type

Then just set the import options and a service task is ready.


You can view all your tasks in the Task Service tab of your Data Suite application

 Task Service

After creating such chain of tasks, they will be all executed one by one after the main task.

Using Service|IT for managing such type of import is more convenient since you can set this run automatically and specify the delay between tasks execution.