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If you export documents from one database and import to another one there are 3 ways of documents importing to ACT! Database.

  1. If you have all your data (Contacts and Documents) in one file then you can import everything during Contacts import by mapping all fields in Easy Mapping tab. Documents field should contain paths to documents stored on your machine.
  2. If your Contacts and Documents are in separate files then you need to import Contacts first. Please make sure you export them with UIDs so that you could link documents to them in future. Then after you import your Contacts, please create a schema of Contacts type for Documents and map there a field with Contact UIds so that you could link documents to contacts and Documents field. Please Note!: When you export documents via Export IT addon you create a schema of Histories type. In Import it’s a completely different schema type, please create a schema of Contacts type for documents import.
  3. It is possible to import documents separately from contacts by using Task Service tool integrated with Import. It allows importing files that will appear in Documents tab of your ACT! Database. Service tool contains a convenient built in Wizard that will help you to create your schema fast. Please use Contact UID to assign documents to contacts.