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If you would like to import data to Act! database from your email attachments, this can be easily achieved with Data|Suite addon. 

In the addon settings you’d need to configure three schemas – for FETCH|IT, for IMPORT|IT and for SERVICE|IT

1. First of all we’d need to configure our schema for FETCH|IT. You can do this by following instructions available here. While configuring your schema, please check ‚Save Attachments‚ option in FETCH|IT Email Settings and define a separate folder where the attachments will be saved and their format.

Gathering data from attachments

2. Configure your IMPORT|IT schema. In the schema settings you’d need to define all settings and map the fields which should be imported from the source file. On the Misc Options Tab define the folder where the files will be transferred after they have been imported. 

Transferring imported files

3. After you have configured both FETCH|IT and IMPORT|IT schemas, please proceed to configuring your Task Service schema. For this purpose SERVICE|IT addon should be used. In the SERVICE|IT addon settings you’d need to create two tasks – one task for executing fetch tasks and the second one – for running your import schema. Please find here detailed instructions on how to create a task for FETCH|IT. Please configure the type for this task as ‚Time‚. For Import task, please set the task type as ‚Task‚ and indicate your Import task as the parent task, this will ensure these tasks are execued one after another. When creating your Import task, please choose an option ‚Use different source file‚ and define there the folder with file extension which should be imported. 

Import task