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Act! provides the feature to group contacts within Groups. Doing this for companies are not possible. With the following 2 workarounds you obtained a similar way to group companies:


Workaround 1

By creating a new company field and adding this into your layout you can select the wished companies via the values within this new field:

  • Open the window within you can create/modify database fields
    Define fileds...

  • Create new dropdown list. Firstly click on Manage drop-down lists
    Manage dropdown lists

  • Secondly click Create drop-down list
    Create dropdown list

  • Assign a name and optionally a description for the new dropdown list and…
    Define dropdown list

  • … enter values which the dropdown list should include by click on Add button…
    Add entries to dropdown list

  • … and enter wished values.
    Adding dropdown entries

  • After doing this click on Finish
    Finish it

  • Now, after we create the needed dropdown list we must go back to the field definition section
    Go back to field definition

  • Click on Create new field and ensure you have select Companies as type
    Create new field

  • Enter a field name and link the new field with our new created dropdown list
    Define field

  • Click Finish and…

  • Close the field definition window
    Close field definition

  • Click Yes to open the Layout Designer
    Modify layout

  • Within the Layout Designer click on Field
    Select field

  • … and draw the area where this field should be displayed
    Define area

  • Select the field which shall displayed, in our case `affiliations`
    Select field

  • Resize the label text area…
    Resize label text area

  • … and assign a label (name) for the field e.g. Affilitations
    Type label name

  • Ready! Save the layout
    Save layout

  • Now select the wished companies via an entry within the affiliations dropdown list. In this example we want to see all companies we always has booked:
    Make selections

  • After we select companies we can group these by searching this selections. Firstly choose `affiliations` as the lookup company field …

  • … and enter always booked as search value.
    Enter value

  • Voilá! Your „company group“ is created!
    Search result



Workaround 2

Create a query which includes the wished companies and save this:


  • Open the Advanced Query window
    Open query window

  • Define the companies you want to see in the group
    Define company

  • Be ensure you select the Or operator between each query line
    Or operator

  • Preview the query
    Preview query

  • If the query is ok, save it
    Save query

  • Define a name for your search (company group)
    Define query name

  • After saving your query you can close the window
    Close query window

  • Click OK if you are sure to replace your current (last) lookup
    Replace the current lookup

  • Here’s your company group