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With Data Suite package it is possible to export data from one database and import data to another database. First all data should be exported. Please note that UID should be exported together will other details since it will be used for linking records in your new database. For example it will be used for linking Notes with Companies or Opportunities with Contacts. In your ACT! database you should create a special field for this UID and map it when importing data.

For export, please use Export|IT tool and create schemas there for each record type:

Contacts Export

Groups Export

Contacts and Groups Relations Export

Companies Export

Opportunities Export

Notes Export

Histories Export

Activities Export

Products Export

Users Export

Data Structure Export

Custom Tables Export

Secondary Contacts Export

Documents Export

Then after you have exported all details, start with import. First of all you should create or import users and teams to your new database, then groups should follow. After groups you can start with Contacts and Companies import. It may happen that Companies are in the same file with Contacts so you can import them together and during this import link Companies with Contacts. If you need to link your Groups with Contacts you should import Group relations. For this, please create a schema of ‘Contacts’ type and map in Easy Mapping Tab your UID which was exported and should have been imported together with Contacts and Group name, this way contacts will be assigned to groups after such import.

For importing all other data types like Activities, Opportunities, Documents, Notes and Histories, please use instructions provided in our User Manual.

Important!: For finding parents in Parent Records Identification Tab use UID you have exported and then imported together with Contacts, Companies or Groups.


we also offer this as a Service, where you have to send us the backup of both databases, and we will do the job for you. Please checkout this website, and contact us for more information