Telefon DE: +49-8282-800-400 Telefon AT: +43-7322-370-202 Telefon CH: +41-41-5210-100

Important: If you wan´t to buy a License Key for the EU-Server please write a Mail to us where you tell us that you want to use HHC on the EU-Server.

License Keys you buyed before and run with the Canadian Server cant be used for the EU-Server if you want to change please write a Mail to our Support.


If you want to set up an Account at the EU-Server to use or for a 14 days trial please Create an Account at


1. at the left side of your screen is the „Create Account“ please enter your account datas here if your finished please press „Create Account“ at the bottom of the side.


2. Now you can Sign In with your Username and Password you set before.


3. If you Sign in you go to the Account Overview where you can see erverything important.